Pyromesh Inside

Higher Atomization Efficiency

PyroMESH is a new generation of heating technology under Kingzonetech, which has upgraded the structure of coil on the basis of the original structure.

  • The heating area has increased by 4 times
  • The heating time has increased by 13%
  • The oil absorption rate has increased by 17%
  • Which can instantly release satisfactory vapor and taste

Superb Vaping Experience Produced by Exceptional Design

Based on the breakthroughs in material and structure, the PyroMESH coil combines organic cotton and metal alloy materials to create an excellent vaping experience.

Special mesh structure, designed by momentary inspiration, broadens the heating area, offers uniformly heating and a quicker heating time, and delivers purer taste and dense vapor, together with a powerful throat hit.

No Leakage, No Burnt Taste

With multi-layer organic cotton inside, PyroMESH coils can absorb the optimum e-liquid volume without leaking or flooding, preventing burnt coil and taste.

Loaded with multiple leak-proof structures and upgraded airway design, the leakage rate can be effectively reduced, creating a more secure vaping experience.

PyroMESH Platform

  • PyroMESH platform has various types of coil to choose from.
  • Each coil option for diverse vaping experience.