Search and Development Center

Research and development is an important part in KingZone Tech. We have set up a professional Research and Development center in its headquarters.

  • The center was staffed by a team of 100 highly skilled engineers and specialists in areas such as electronics, structures, design, and biochemistry.
  • The focus of their research includes innovative vape products and developing new generation technology which offer adult smokers a choice of less risky alternatives to conventional cigarettes.

Approaching Our R&D Lab

KingZone Tech established a research and development(R&D) laboratory in 2019, covering an area of more than 1,000 square meters.

We make significant investments in R&D to deliver innovation that satisfy or anticipate consumer preferences.

Introducing more than 30 advanced testing equipment.

  • Their testing covers many aspects such as battery, number of puffs, button life, sensitivity, and smoke suction.
  • The testing is mainly to ensure high standards of product performance, quality and safety.

New Technology Innovation

We are also working to develop new technologies and approaches to create a better product experience for global consumers and provide a healthier lifestyle for them.

  • Based on years of technology accumulation in many fields such as polymer materials
  • Electronic atomization technology, and product design
  • KingZone Lab has applied for more than 250 technical patents at home and abroad

Our Core Technology

We have been continuously developed revolutionary technique and disruptive products. As HYBER chip technology and pyroMESH technology successively launched, we break through the bottleneck of atomization technology that has plagued the industry for many years.

Adopting brand-new structural design, materials and craftsmanship, the two technologies comprehensively improve the user vaping experience.

Meanwhile, the heating components is realized automated production, which significantly improves the consistency and stability of the taste.