Smart HYBER Chip Platform

HYBER CHIP For Safety Protection

Driven by a self-developed HYBER chip, our products ensure multiple protection for safety use. The atomization temperature can instantly raise to a moderate status, strengthening the stability and user experience of the vaping devices.

  • Over Puffing Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection, Charging Protection

Strong Explosive Power, Impress You in 0.001s

The intelligent Hyber chip features strong explosive power. The ignition speed can increase to 0.001s, which can enable the vape products to instantly fire and reach the power peak.

Offering you an exceptional vaping experience from the very first puff, with rich flavors and dense clouds.

Intelligently Control Output

Integrated with new intelligent 16Mhz high-speed oscillator, the Hyber chip can intelligently control the output.

  • Providing the users with continuing powerful output.
  • Constant stable output can keep the taste consistent and lasting when the power is at a lower level.